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Welcome to the Forest COMPASS website, which brought together case studies, resources and analysis on community-based forest monitoring. This website is no longer actively updated, but remains available as an archive of the work that was done and as a resource for those interested.


Why do community-­based forest monitoring?

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How to do community-­based forest monitoring.

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Find out who is involved in community-­based forest monitoring around the world.

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Case Studies

Sete de Setembro Indigenous Territory (TISS), Rondonia and Mato Grosso States, Brazil
The Suruí Forest Carbon project aims to reduce deforestation on the Paiter Suruí people's territory in the Brazilian Amazon, Sete de Setembro Indigenous Territory (TISS), by providing economic alternatives for the community and reducing the impact of illegal activities by external actors. To finance the implementation of the community’s 50-year sustainable development plan, the project aims to sell credits on the voluntary carbon market. The project’s emission reductions were verified in 2013 and soon afterwards the project sold its first credits, with Natura Cosméticos buying 120,000 tons of...

Introductory video: The role and importance of community-based forest monitoring


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