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Welcome to the Forest COMPASS website, which brought together case studies, resources and analysis on community-based forest monitoring. This website is no longer actively updated, but remains available as an archive of the work that was done and as a resource for those interested.


Why do community-­based forest monitoring?

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How to do community-­based forest monitoring.

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Case Studies

Indonesia, Laos, Viet Nam and China
Community involvement and participatory monitoring have been advocated as important sources of information for REDD+. Nonetheless, questions persist over the cost-effectiveness and accuracy of community-based monitoring in comparison to professional monitoring. Under the EU-funded I-REDD project a consortium of organisations led by Nordic Foundation for Development and Ecology tested the cost-effectiveness and accuracy of data collected by comunities for REDD+, in complex tropical forests in South-East Asia. The study compared the measurements of carbon biomass by community members and...