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Welcome to the Forest COMPASS website, which brought together case studies, resources and analysis on community-based forest monitoring. This website is no longer actively updated, but remains available as an archive of the work that was done and as a resource for those interested.


Why do community-­based forest monitoring?

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How to do community-­based forest monitoring.

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Case Studies

Northern Rupununi, Guyana
Since 2011, the project has been working with sixteen Amerindian communities of the North Rupununi, Guyana. It aims to build local capacity to develop and run a community based monitoring system to inform decision-making on territorial management, and to develop sub-national measurement, verification and reporting (MRV) within the national REDD+ programme in Guyana. Guyana has a high level of forest cover of approximately 85%, and low deforestation rates. However, the country faces an increasing risk of deforestation. The North Rupununi region is increasingly threatened by the...