Forest COMPASS monitoring themes - table

For reference, we provide here a list and description of the monitoring themes under which we have categorised the indicators used in each of the case studies on the Forest COMPASS website.

Monitoring theme Description
Carbon biomass For monitoring carbon below, above, brush (not soil).
Biodiversity For monitoring changes in biodiversity in a taxa, speices or proxy.
(Regulating) ecosystem services For monitoring water provision, regulation of water flow, soil erosion.
Natural resources For monitoring water availability, game, fishing, medicinal plants, NTFP's, timber for housing.
Wellbeing/social issues For monitoring social benfits and social harms, includes pollution.
Policies and measures For monitoring REDD+ interventions, government interventions for social benefits, biodiversity conservation action plans, legal timber extraction legislation.
Governance For monitoring benefit sharing mechanism transparency, FPIC.
Causes of deforestation For monitoring illegal and legal causes of deforestation.
Deforestation/degradation/land cover changes For ground-thruthing remote sensing data and for estimating deforestation rates.
Other Anything not included in the other themes.