How to do community-based monitoring?

Forester Dwi Nugroho (left) guiding young woman of Semoyo village, Indonesia on Christen hypsometer use to estimate tree height (IGES-DKN-ARuPA Community Carbon Accounting Action Research Project)

This part of the website aims to help you implement and understand community-based forest monitoring.

It includes our Resource Library, which brings together academic papers, project reports and step-by-step guides from different initiatives around the globe.  It covers a wide range of topics, from setting up an initiative and choosing what to monitor, to carrying out the monitoring, data analysis and data sharing, and making the link between local monitoring and international policy.

The other sections give practical guidance on these steps, drawing from the resources but especially from our practical experiences of implementing community-based forest monitoring in Guyana and Brazil.

Of course there are no blueprints for setting up a data sharing protocol or choosing the right tools or technologies, but we are confident that the ideas and suggestions in these sections will help you establish what will work best for you – and avoid some of the mistakes and headaches that others have experienced!

We are very grateful to all our collaborators, particularly those in Guyana and Brazil, and our previous report co-authors and contributors. This section draws heavily on those collaborations and on earlier versions of our report Community monitoring, reporting and verification for REDD+ : lessons and experiences from a pilot project in Guyana.