Choosing suitable software

There is a huge variety of software that can be used for various tasks in a community-based monitoring system. Some of these have been developed for specific tasks, while others support multiple tasks. Different software can be cloud, mobile or computer based. In many cases software are compatible and interchangeable, enabling projects to pick and choose the most appropriate.

The comparative table below shows some of the most widely used software programmes in this rapidly evolving space, to help with selecting the right option for a particular project or context (click on each name for more details).

Name Internetsort descending Phone Network Smart Phone Literacy Level of Expertise
SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) No No No Yes Medium
Smap No No Yes No High
OpenForis No No Yes Yes Medium
iNaturalist No Yes Yes Yes Low
Geographical Open Data Kit Yes No Yes Yes High
Global Forest Watch - mobile version Yes No Yes Yes Medium
Moabi DRC Yes No Yes Yes Medium
Google Earth Engine Yes No No Yes High
Open Street Map Yes No Yes Yes Medium
Open Data Kit Yes Yes Yes Yes High
CyberTracker Yes No Yes No Low
C7-LDFN Yes Yes Yes Yes Medium
Sapelli Yes Yes Yes No Low
Geo-Wiki Yes No No Yes Low