The System C7 - LDFN, is an app that can be used to survey native forests, enabling the registration of native species, projects and surveys for forestry inventory and natural regenaration. For sample plots and georeferenced data the following parameters may be recorded: diameter at breast height, commercial height and total height, and ancillary information such as stem and crown information (methodologies are according to Forest Inventory plots of Rio Grande do Sul-Brasil in 2001 - Covenant DEFAP-RS/UFSM) . The data from the app can be saved to a .csv file, which can then be read in any text editor, Excel or other software data processing interface for forests.

Forest inventory can establish estimates of forest biomass, which in turn is linked carbon and REDD+ MRV. Communities may use this app to derive values for carbon, and may benefit from the lack of programming knowledge needed to prepare the app to collect data - the application can simply be downloaded from google play. The trade off is that the app is restricted to collect data only for forest inventory, and can not be augmented with additional information on social wellbeing or non-timber forest products, which may be valualbe data for forest community members.

This article is a stub please contact us if you have more information about applying this app for community-based forest monitoring.

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