Moabi DRC

Moabi DRC is a collaborative mapping platform that aims to increase the transparency and accountability of resource-use issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is part of the country’s project ‘Improving forest governance through independent monitoring of the Democratic Republic of Congo’; this is a multi-partner project, with Moabi DRC being built by a Washington DC-based startup called CrowdCover. As well as mapping land-cover, land-management types and resources, it shows the locations of civil society groups, and will provide a set of independent REDD+ monitoring tools.

Using a customised version of Open Street Map (an open source collaborative mapping project), Moabi allows users to:

  • upload spatial data
  • view interactive maps and export them as PDFs or URLs
  • download raw data
  • share stories of land-cover change and management in the country, and to link maps and images to these stories

Maps include information on indigenous lands, logging, mining and agricultural concessions, road projects, forest cover, forest loss and community maps. Anyone can upload information on these themes, which is then reviewed by project managers. Every three months, stakeholders- including communities, private sector and government- meet to discuss the updates and to discuss actions with the relevant group.

The story sharing component allows Moabi to act as a networking platform between stakeholders, as well as a means to cross-check information. 

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