Community-based forest monitoring for REDD+: lessons and reflections from the field

This policy brief summarises the learning from the Community Carbon Accounting project. The lessons include:

  • Local communities can be involved in forest monitoring, and this enables them to take on responsibilities for REDD+ and be rewarded for their inputs. With well-designed training and support, local people can take measurements for accurate estimates of forest carbon stock changes.
  • Links between forest monitoring and forest management by communities should be built on. When forest communities can generate robust data for themselves, they can use this to decide on new management options, such as REDD+. They will also be better informed in their dealings with other stakeholders.
  • In preparation for REDD+, governments should explore options for incorporating community-based monitoring into national forest monitoring and safeguards information systems. Communities not only can monitor some variables more effectively than outside professionals; their involvement can also enhance transparency.  
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