Community-based monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV): an assessment in the Oddar Meanchey community forestry REDD+ site

This report draws lessons from the Oddar Meanchey Community Forestry REDD+  Project in Cambodia. It uses the experience of community monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) at Oddar Meanchey to illustrate the contribution local communities can make to MRV requirements more broadly.

The report aims to help decision-makers in Cambodia to integrate community-based forest monitoring into the country's MRV system for its REDD+ strategy. There are recommendations on how the national REDD+ strategy could include the necessary institutions, training and protocols.

The lessons learned include some key steps and conditions for effective support for community MRV; these are relevant for REDD+ programme developers and policymakers in Cambodia and elsewhere. The report also considers the challenges of integrating a community-based monitoring approach into a formalised, top down data-management regime.

Julien Brewster, Amanda Bradley and Donal Yeang
Resource type 
Project reports
International Forest Agenda/s