Community Forest Monitoring for the Carbon Market

The Kyoto: Think Global, Act Local project started in 2003 and came to an end in December 2009. However, the many materials that were generated by the project are available on the K:TGAL site and will remain available until 2017. One strand of this project is described in detail in this case study.

The large number of resources and publications include a book on 'Community forest monitoring for the carbon market', which presents practical methods by which communities can engage in forest monitoring, developed during a six year research programme in Africa and Asia.  It shows that data collected by communities can be as good as that generated by trained researchers, that the method is cost-effective, and that it can also provide a transparent framework for distribution of REDD+ and carbon market payments.  The book includes case studies that provide practical experience and ideas that will be of interest to agencies seeking to engage communities in monitoring changes in carbon stocks.

Skutsch, M (ed) 2010. Community forest monitoring for the carbon market. Earthscan, London.
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