Indigenous peoples’ perspectives and activities in monitoring, reporting, and indicator development for REDD+ and a review of MRV concepts, tools and instruments

This report describes the activities around monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) undertaken by the Indigenous Peoples’ Partnership on Forests and Climate Change. This partnership was set up by Tebtebba, with indigenous peoples' organisations from across the globe. The report provides the background of the Partnership and details its work in promoting the participation and interests of indigenous peoples in relation to UNFCCC decisions on REDD+.

The report identifies gaps in existing MRV instruments and elaborates the components of a gender- and indigenous peoples-sensitive MRV tool. The report has ideas on how to move the agenda forward: it recommends a continued and strengthened engagement of indigenous peoples with states, donors, NGOs and investors on REDD+ safeguards, and building consensus on the MRV strategy amongst indigenous peoples’ communities at the community and project level.

Riamit, Stanley & Tauli-Corpuz, Victoria
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Policy and regional reports
International Forest Agenda/s