Indonesia - Dayaks and Drones: How technology can promote sustainable forests and communities



Even a well-managed, legally recognised forest faces constant challenges. Innovative drone GPS technology, cooperative campaigning, local government support and eco-tourism are helping the Setulang people thrive. They have shown that community rights, the environment and development go hand in hand.

Setulang village is in the middle of an indigenous forest conservation area. It boasts clean water, sustainable fishing and hunting, building materials, fruit and traditional medicine: it is a ‘life bank’ for future generations. But this heavily forested area also faces the growing threat of timber, oil palm and mining companies. The head of the village is looking to find new and innovative solutions to protect his land and a team of experts from West Kalimantan may have the answer. GPS based drones are being used for the first time to map community land and the results have been impressive. Using drones accelerates the process of community mapping, to help ensure that company concessions do not overlap the indigenous areas.

For more information, go to the website of the video creators, "If Not Us Then Who?".

If Not Us Then Who?
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