Integrating REDD+ social and environmental safeguards and standards in Tanzania

This report is intended to be a preliminary contribution towards an iterative process for REDD+ social and environmental standards development and integration in Tanzania. It compares four internationally recognised social and environmental safeguards and standards (UN FCCC guidance and safeguards; FCPF / World Bank policies; UN-REDD draft principles and criteria, and related guidance; and REDD+ SES). It then compares the Tanzania draft National REDD+ Strategy to these standards, identifying key strengths, weaknesses, and gaps, and offering preliminary recommendations for strengthening standards integration in REDD+ in Tanzania. The recommendations include strengthening provisions for full and effective participation and clarifying processes and governance issues for monitoring, reporting and verification.

Campese, J. (2011) Integrating REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguards and Standards in Tanzania . TFCG Technical Report 32. pp 1 – 65. Dar es Salaam.
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