Lessons learned from community forestry in Asia and their relevance for REDD+

This is one of a set of four reports published by FCMC on “Lessons Learned from Community Forestry and Their Relevance for REDD+.”  This report focuses on South and Southeast Asia with an emphasis on Nepal and mainland Southeast Asia. Based on an extensive literature review of academic, policy and program documents, documents produced by activists, and project reports and publications, it highlights community forestry experiences that can positively inform REDD+, both as an effective tool for forest conservation and as an approach concerned with poverty reduction and livelihoods. It draws out lessons for REDD+ around issues of empowerment, governance and stakeholder engagement, benefits and incentives, capacity building, scaling up and sustainability. It proposes a set of recommendations for REDD+ that are relevant for decision makers involved in designing and implementing REDD+ programmes.

Fisher, Robert J. (2014) Lessons Learned from Community Forestry in Asia and Their Relevance for REDD+. USAID-supported Forest Carbon, Markets and Communities (FCMC) Program. Washington, DC, USA.
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