National forest monitoring systems: monitoring, measurement, reporting and verification in the context of REDD+ activities

This report describes elements of national forest monitoring systems for REDD+, and looks at the UN-REDD Programme’s approach to monitoring, measuring, reporting and verification (M& MRV). It gives a comprehensive explanation of REDD+ with its historical development, functions and policies. It outlines different phases of REDD+ activities

The report looks at different methodologies for implementing national forest monitoring systems. It suggests ways for countries to assess domestic forest data, using lessons learned from demonstration activities and national REDD+ policies. It also considers technical issues relating to the estimation and international exchange and review of forest data, based on three pillars of satellite land monitoring system, the national forest monitoring and GHG inventories.

This document aims to enable stakeholders and government staff to consider the various practical steps and implications of REDD+ activities in national contexts.

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Policy and regional reports
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International Forest Agenda/s