Promoting forest stewardship in the Bolsa Floresta Programme: local livelihood strategies and preliminary impacts

This study gives an overview of the context of the Bolsa Floresta Programme (BFP) and documents its preliminary impacts, in order to identify lessons learned for this and other conservation initiatives in the Amazon, and beyond.

The report combines household survey data collected in two reserves that are part of the BFP (the Juma and Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserves), with remote sensing-based analyses that cover the programme’s total intervention area. It uses this data to examine the livelihood strategies of participants and non-participants of the BFP, both inside and outside the two reserves, and recent trends in land cover change in and around the two reserves. A key recommendation is that the role of the communities in protecting the reserves’ natural resources should be enhanced by linking rewards to proactive involvement in monitoring activities.

Börner, J, et al (2013). Promoting Forest Stewardship in the Bolsa Floresta Programme: Local Livelihood Strategies and Preliminary Impacts. Brazil: CIFOR. Brazil: Fundação Amazonas Sustentável(FAS). Germany: ZEF, University of Bonn
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