REDD+ and community forestry: lessons learned from an exchange of Brazilian experiences with Africa

This report presents the results of a fact-finding mission to Brazil in February 2011 by policy makers and experts from six African countries. It brings together information, analysis and conclusions on issues relevant to the design and implementation of national REDD+ strategies. The report aims to promote a discussion on community forest management as a strategic option to promote REDD+ goals, as well as how REDD+ can foster community management of forests.

The report summarises the current state of development of REDD+ projects in the six African countries, and their experiences of community forestry. It also summarises Brazil's experiences and frameworks for community forestry.

Viana, V.M, et al, (2012) REDD+ and Community Forestry: Lessons learned from an exchange of Brazilian experiences with Africa. Manaus, Brazil. The World Bank/Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.
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Policy and regional reports
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