The road to Lima: REDD+ safeguards implementation and information systems

This briefing paper makes the case for more comprehensive guidance on how REDD+ related information should be provided through safeguard information systems (SIS). Guidance on how to operationalise the safeguards, characteristics of SIS, types of information to be provided and methods to collect information would help to meet the standards to secure funding for REDD+ implementation. The REDD+ Safeguards Working Group presents case studies showing that ambiguities on safeguards have hindered development of SIS in several countries. The lack of a common framework to guide the parties creates difficulties in monitoring compliance. This means that formulating rules to assess information generated through SIS will be relevant to REDD+ funding and donors as they set their own criteria for assessment. The report makes six recommendations, asking for analysis of SIS submissions, expert workshops and additional guidance on SIS measures.  

REDD+ Safeguards Working Group
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