Scaling-up community-based forest monitoring for REDD+: experiences from Guyana and Brazil

This paper from Forest COMPASS draws on empirical evidence from two pilot case studies in Guyana and Brazil. It  highlights the importance of community-based forest monitoring to jurisdictional REDD+ programmes, and discusses the barriers and opportunities for scaling up (i.e. integrating and replicating) these models as part of holistic, national or sub-national REDD+ frameworks.

It shows that there are proven pathways for integrating community-collected data on carbon stocks and drivers of forest change into national forest monitoring efforts. It makes recommendations, such as on the need for data-sharing agreements and institutional mandates to assimilate community-collected data in national data systems and decision-making. In addition to measuring carbon stocks, communities should lead impact assessments and monitoring of performance indicators, to incentivise further participation and transparent benefit-sharing in REDD+.

Sabogal, D. 2015. Scaling-up Community-based Forest Monitoring for REDD+. Global Canopy Programme: Oxford
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