Thinking together for those coming behind us: an outline plan for the care of Wapichan territory in Guyana

The  Wapichan are an Amerindian group in South Guyana. This document was published by the Wapishana as a general framework for land-management and self-determined development. The plan's three main aims are to support:

  • Wapichan leaders’ work to get rights to Wapichan territory legally recognised
  • Wapichan Village Councils to protect the land and natural resources that their way of life depends on
  • Wapichan communities to agree on how to use the land, for the benefit of the present and future generations

The plan establishes monitoring committees to review mining and logging concessions on indigenous lands, and road building projects. It records current land uses and important cultural and sacred sites, and in this way represents a monitoring report from the community. The document includes maps of proposed extensions to their official land-rights, and proposals for how the community will respond to and interact with outside development proposals. This resource may be useful for other communities in the region that are developing land use plans.  


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Technical project materials
International Forest Agenda/s