Video tutorials: how to create a monitoring form, collect data, and visualise data

The  three videos below explain the whole process of creating a monitoring form using Open Data Kit (ODK), collecting data, and visualising data. Also see the Related Resources links on this webpage for example forms and schemas used in the videos.

Video 1

  • Planning a form
  • Creating an ODK form using XLSform

Video 2

  • Uploading a form to a cloud-based data management system
  • Downloading the form to a mobile device
  • Recording data on the mobile device

Video 3

  • Submitting the data back to the cloud
  • Visualising the data in the cloud
  • Downloading the data for more detailed offilne analysis


Video 1 of 3


Video 2 of 3


Video 3 of 3


Jon Parsons
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