Workshop resource - interactive game for learning about Community-Based Forest Monitoring trade offs

This workshop excercise supports participants to understand trade offs between different approaches to Community-Based Forest Monitoring (CBFM). Groups of up to 7 people with 1 facilitator engage in a scenario where they are a project management team for a new CBFM project. They need to make a three year plan and decide what activities they will include in the plan. The activities are costed, and the budget is limited, so dicussion is generated about what the priorities should be, e.g. should smartphones be purchased to assist monitoring activities? Or should more monitors recieve salaries? Options are available within the game to select from different smartphone technologies (Sapelli, Cybertracker and ODK), so it is suggested that before playing the game, the participants get an overview of the pros and cons each technology.

The end product of the game is a flipchart with the activities, written on cards, arranged into a project plan with a final project cost. Participants should report back on their most interesting discussion points. Allow one hour for the game, and ten minutes for report back.

The pack contains four files:

- two sets of colour coded "cards" with icons, each card represents an activity;

- a fictional scenario handout, detailing the community and the area that the project is taking place in;

- a table of the activities, rules and costs that participants can select from in English

- a table of the activities, rules and costs that participants can select from in Spanish

This interactive game was first used in Paris during CoP-21 during a Forest COMPASS side event on the 4th of December at Point Ephemere. The designers are happy for it to be adapted as necessary for another workshop.


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