Welcome to the resources section - an extensive, searchable library of information on community-based forest monitoring. We have a range of resources, from policy briefs to videos and how-to guides, which can support policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

Resources are tagged by 'type' (e.g. journal article or manual) and 'monitoring theme' (e.g. biodiversity) to help you search for what you need. Examples of project reports and technical project materials can help with key steps, such as creating a mobile data collection form using Open Data Kit, establishing free prior and informed consent, and building a participatory monitoring framework. Policy briefs and 'lessons learned' reports can help you make the case for community-based monitoring, by showing the value it has had for forest communities around the world.

Our case studies, blogs, and pages on why to do community-based forest monitoring and on digital technology are separate from this resource library, so do take a look at them too.

If you have a resource related to community-based forest monitoring that you would like us to upload to Forest COMPASS, please get in touch.

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Community Carbon Forestry (CCF) for REDD Using CyberTracker for Mapping and Visualising of Community Forest Management in the Context of REDD

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Community forestry and REDD+ in Asia: lessons learned and ways forward - issues brief

Policy and regional reports

Community monitoring, reporting and verification for REDD+ : lessons and experiences from a pilot project in Guyana

Project reports
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Community-based monitoring, reporting and verification know-how: sharing knowledge from practice

Policy and regional reports
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CyberTracker software

Data Collection Form

Data sharing in community-based forest monitoring: lessons from Guyana

Project reports
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Demonstrating 'respect' for the UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards: the importance of community-collected information

Policy and regional reports
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Environmental monitoring: the scale and speed of implementation varies according to the degree of peoples involvement

Journal articles

Lessons learned from community forestry in Asia and their relevance for REDD+

Policy and regional reports

Monitoring Matters website

Knowledge sharing platforms

Nepal community forest user group members share experiences of forest patrolling and monitoring, REDD and reforestation.

Community view videos
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Promoting forest stewardship in the Bolsa Floresta Programme: local livelihood strategies and preliminary impacts

Project reports

REDD+ for People and Nature

Project reports

White Paper: Opportunities and challenges for integrating CBM into MRV systems for REDD+ in Mexico

Project reports