COP 21 side event on participatory monitoring and safeguards for REDD+


A COP 21 side event organised with CCBA, UNAM/University of Twente and Forest COMPASS brought together a panel of community, civil society and government representatives from Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal to discuss different opportunties and challenges for community-based forest monitoring within the context of the REDD+ safeguards framework. 

The panel was moderated by David Sabogal, and the panelists were:

  • Magaly Medeiros, IMC, Brazil
  • Wendy Pineda, AIDESEP, Perú
  • Carol Franco, Alianza México, REDD+ WHRC
  • Fermín Chimatani Tayori, ECA-RCA, Perú
  • Elvis Tshibasu, WWF, D.R. CONGO
  • Dil Raj Khanal, FECOFUN, NEPAL

The lack of financial resources for monitoring activities and the difficulty of integrating these models within wider sytems were some of the issues raised during the event. The opportunities from participatory monitoring included increased social standing and employment opportunities at the local level, in particular for women. Furthemore, the information generated by these models was presented as having a key role in improving transparency, resource management and governance, and for clarifying land tenure.   

In response to a question from the audience, Fermin Chimantani Tayori, President of Ejecutor del Contrato de Administración de la Reserva Comunal Amarakaeri (ECA) shared his view that indigenous monitoring should be a mandatory condition of participation.

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