Invitation to participate in study on data types in participatory monitoring and management schemes


Are you a practitioner of Participatory Monitoring and Management? If so, the Participatory Monitoring and Management Partnership (PMMP) and Samantha Earle from Imperial College London invite you to respond to a quick, 5-minute survey as part of Samantha’s PhD research on the types of data collected (species inventories, count data, presence-absence, qualitative trend information etc.), and how they are interpreted and used in PMM schemes in developing countries.

If you would like to participate, please fill in the survey. The results will be shared by PMMP at a later date, and your participation will be helpful to PMMP's work.


Note: PMMP is an international collaborative initiative for local leaders and communities working with participatory monitoring and management of natural resources. Through improving the quality and extent of bottom-up approaches to resource management, the Partnership will transform the way the world monitors and manages natural resources. To accomplish this objective, PMMP will establish participatory monitoring and management in more areas and facilitate training, education, learning from practice and applied research.   

To contact PMMP, write to Katia Torres Ribeiro at, or Michael Køie Poulsen at

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