Sharing experiences on CMRV systems for the Guiana Shield


The 6th Working Group Meeting of the REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project was convened at Arrow Point in Guyana from 24-27 August, 2015, to reinforce capacities and cooperation among the participating forest services of Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Amapá and Acre states in Brazil.

This workshop focused on community monitoring, reporting and verification (CMRV) systems, with the aim of sharing knowledge on best practice, technological tools and methodologies developed through pilot CMRV experiences in Guyana and beyond. It was organised with experts from WWF and the Global Canopy Programme.

Michel Williams
Michael Williams from the North Rupununi region of Guyana presenting on his community MRV project (Photo: Christelle Ndagijimana)

During the event, participants from Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Amapá and Acre states (Brazil) shared experiences to date on REDD+ readiness efforts. They discussed the role and opportunities for communities in participating in the development of these frameworks, in particular around national forest monitoring and safeguard information systems. 

These discussions highlighted the different levels of progress made in each country, determined by very different histories and socio-political  factors. These complexities were particularly clear in the case of Suriname and its overlapping  and complex land tenure regime, and also evident with French Guiana, given its reliance on France in determining its institutional engagement with REDD+. 

Interesting opportunities for sharing lessons in developing jurisditional-level REDD+ emerged from discussions among representatives from the Institute for Climate Change (IMC) of Acre and the Amapá State Forest Institute (IEF). They are are keen to establish a legal framework that incorporates CMRV models.

The final workshop report  elaborates on the discussions and ways to continue strengthening collaboration and knowledge sharing on CMRV in the Guiana Shield.

workshop participants
WGM6 workshop participants (Photo: Sam Airey)

Participant list

Name Organisation Country
Angela Kromodimedjo  NIMOS  Suriname
Christelle Ndagijimana ONFI  Brazil
Christianni Lacy IEF Brazil
David Sabogal GCP United Kingdom
Dwayne Griffith GFC Guyana
Jean-Luc Sibille ONF French Guiana
Juliana Persaud WWF  Guyana
Karishma Misir GFC Guyana
Mariane Nardi IEF  Brazil
Michael Williams NRDDB Guyana
Madhawi Ramdin  NIMOS  Suriname
Maria Fernanda Jaramillo WWF Colombia
Maarten Kartowikromo SBB  Suriname
Morena Sanches  SBB  Suriname
Naikoa Aguiar-Amuchastegui WWF US/Colombia
Rohanie Roopnarane Iwokrama Guyana
Roxroy Bollers WWF  Guyana
Sam Airey WWF  Guyana
Sara Svensson ONFI  Suriname
Shurland Davis NRDDB Guyana
Stoney Nascimento IMC Brazil
Towana Smartt  GFC  Guyana
Vitus Antone WWF  Guyana


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