Acre's State System of Natural Protected Areas

Sistema Estadual de Áreas Naturais Protegidas do Acre
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Acre's State System of Natural Protected Areas (SEANP-AC) was created in 2001, and is comprised of state and municipal protected areas in the state. Federal protected areas and indigenous lands can also be supported by SEANP-AC, depending on agreements with the federal government. The system has various core objectives. It aims to integrate the management of protected areas, as well as to guarantee that the system protects all types of vegetation and ecosystems of the state. It aims to provide a communication arena for the many managing agencies. A further objective is the integral functioning of the protection mosaic, including the formation of an ecological corridor for fauna dispersion. The system’s governance involves a diversity of government agencies, including the secretariats for environment and forest development, as well as Acre’s environment institute.