Apiwtxa, Association of the Ashaninka of the Amônia River

Apiwtxa, Associação Ashaninka do Rio Amônia
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This association represents the 800 Brazilian Ashaninka indigenous people who live in the Kampa do Rio Amônia Indigenous Territory, in the State of Acre, Brazil. This group has been widely recognised for its work to defend the territorial and human rights of the Ashaninka people. They work to protect the forest and its people, to ensure sustainable use of resources, and to conserve the biodiversity of Amazonia.

The work of the Apiwtxa Association includes planning and managment of the Kampa do Rio Amônia Indigenous Territory, agroforestry, reforestation, cross-border collaboration with Ashaninka neighbours in Peru, and running the Yorenka Ãtame Centre of forest Knowledge in the municipal capital of Marechal Thaumaturgo. They place great value on sharing their perspectives with other indigenous and non-indigenous people in Brazil and fellow Ashninka in Peru. With support from the ExCiteS team of University College London, and the Brazilian Amazon Fund, they are also developing a community-based participatory forest monitoring initative, to further strengthen the protection of their territory.