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Bruno Manser Fonds
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The Bruno Manser Fund campaigns for the conservation of threatened tropical rainforests, and strives for the respect of the rights of the rainforest inhabitants. The Fund is based in Switzerland but is primarily committed to working with the Penan people in the Malaysian federal state of Sarawak on Borneo, towards a shared goal of protection of the Sarawak forests.

The Bruno Manser Fund's strategic objectives are:

1. Respect of all human rights, especially those of the indigenous peoples

2. Conservation of the forests, including their biodiversity

3. Support for alternative development options and alternative income

4. Support for the Penan by providing them with assistance in the fields of health, education and infrastructure

5. Combatting corruption and commitment for transparent governance

6. Documenting indigenous cultures of Malaysia, especially of the Penan

7. Raising awareness as regards tropical-forest destruction and the rights of indigenous peoples