Forest Peoples Programme

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The Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) was founded in 1990 in response to the forest crisis, specifically to support indigenous forest peoples’ struggles to defend their lands and livelihoods. FPP’s focus in the beginning came from the expertise and relationships that the small founding team had with specific communities, primarily in the Guyanas and in South and South East Asia. The Forest Peoples Programme now operates around the tropical forest belt where it serves to bridge the gap between policy makers and forest peoples. Through advocacy, practical projects and capacity building, FPP supports forest peoples to deal directly with the outside powers, regionally, nationally, and internationally that shape their lives and futures. Forest Peoples Programme has contributed to, and continues supporting, the growing indigenous peoples' movement whose voice is gaining influence and attention on the world-wide stage:

Its organisational goals are to:

  • Get the rights and interests of forest peoples recognised in laws, policies and programmes;
  • Support forest peoples to build their own capacities to claim and exercise their human rights;
  • Counter top-down policies and projects that threaten the rights of forest peoples;
  • Promote community-based sustainable forest management;
  • Ensure equity, counter discrimination and promote gender justice;
  • Inform NGO actions on forests in line with forest peoples’ visions;
  • Link up indigenous and forest peoples’ movements at the regional and international levels.

FPP are investigating the use of digital technology to support communities to achieve customary rights.