National Autonomous University of Mexico - REDD+ research group

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
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UNAM's REDD+ research group leads on several projects relevant to community-based forest monitoring:

  • Analysis of the drivers of deforestation and degradation in Mexico
  • Addressing forest degradation in Mexico through REDD+
  • MRV for the REDD+ pilot project in the Ayuquila Basin, Jalisco
  • Linking local action to international climate agreements in the tropical dry forests of Mexico
  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of charcoal supply chains: modeling what-if scenarios
  • Researching pastoral systems as drivers of forest degradation at the landscape level
  • Community-based monitoring and mapping of resources, services and territory, including forest carbon

Of these 'Linking Local Action to Global in the Tropical Dry Forests of Mexico´, which is investigating payments for environmental services, is the most relevant. This project has produced several resources and technical manuals that can be of use to community-based forest monitoring practioners.