Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

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The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) is a directorate of the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The organisation's work on tropical forests comes under its 'Climate change and Environment' theme. This theme includes Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative, in which the government has committed to support efforts to slow, halt and eventually reduce emissions from deforestation. Key strategies to achieve this are to play an active role in negotiations under the UNFCCC; to enter into large scale partnerships with key forest countries in order to demonstrate the benefits of national-level agreements, even before a REDD+ mechanism is agreed upon; and to support the development of multilateral REDD+ infrastructure.

In addition, NORAD finances NGOs, research agencies and civil society to conduct analyses, pilot projects and demonstrations of REDD+ activities. It is hoped that the experience gained from these projects will facilitate wider implementation in the future. Community-based monitoring projects fall under this last strategy, with NORAD assisting projects such as the reporting, monitoring and verification project with a Wai Wai community in Kaneshan, Guyana. 

NORAD also finances the work of Forest COMPASS.