South Central People's Development Association

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Originally started in 1992 by a group of head teachers, SCPDA has grown and developed to become an umbrella body for 17 indigenous Wapichan communities of  South and South Central Rupununi, Guyana. Today, SCPDA is dedicated to securing and sustainably managing Wapichan traditional lands and improving the livelihoods of the people in these communities through support for income generating activities, taking under its mandate aspects of natural resource management, and focusing increasingly on issues and projects with potential implications for livelihood and food security of the area.

SCPDA has played a lead role in extensive mapping and planning for the Wapichan customary lands, to support local resource management and provide evidence to underpin their claim for a major extension to their current land title. As part of these activities, they have produced various reports and plans, such as this land use plan, and worked with the Forest People's Programme, described in this narrative report. In 2015 SCPDA won an Equator Prize for their work on mapping and land use planning.