Technology Foundation of the State of Acre

Fundação de Tecnologia do Estado do Acre
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Created in 1987, FUNTAC is a public body that aims to encourage the scientific and technological development of the public and private sectors, and of traditional communities, in the state of Acre. Its vision is to serve as a center of excellence, contributing to the improvement of living conditions in the state, using science, technology and innovation as tools for transformation and for socio-economic-environmental development.  

FUNTAC operates within the state’s Secretariat of Science and Technology. It works on research and technology development, on themes such as seeds and production of native forest seedlings, development of natural products, multiple use forest management, materials for civil construction, wood, renewable energy sources and geo-processing and remote-sensing information.

FUNTAC is one of the leading institutions in forest and environmental monitoring in the state, contributing an array of technical activities, such as soil and deforestation monitoring for forest management; running an integrated geographic information database; monitoring hydrological events in the state’s rivers; and training communities in biodiversity monitoring.