Who is involved in community-based monitoring around the world?

Who is involved in community-based monitoring of forests? Where are they working? And what are they doing?

This section gives an overview of the different actors working on community-based monitoring of forests. To make it easier to find and connect with particular actors, they are classified as:

COMMUNITY: Communities that are implementing forest monitoring initiatives
FACILITATOR: Institutions supporting communities to implement monitoring initiatives
GOVERNMENT: Governments or public agencies engaged with communities in monitoring
DONOR: Donors funding community-based forest monitoring initiatives

AMAN is an alliance of Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia who campaign for human rights and recognition of peoples in the country. AMAN is involved in many ways in community monitoring, both by...

Country of Activity: Indonesia

AMAN is a country-wide alliance of indigenous peoples in Indonesia.  Its members are involved in mapping of indigenous peoples’ lands throughout the archipelago, and advocate with Indonesian...

Country of Activity: Indonesia