Who is involved in community-based monitoring around the world?

Who is involved in community-based monitoring of forests? Where are they working? And what are they doing?

This section gives an overview of the different actors working on community-based monitoring of forests. To make it easier to find and connect with particular actors, they are classified as:

COMMUNITY: Communities that are implementing forest monitoring initiatives
FACILITATOR: Institutions supporting communities to implement monitoring initiatives
GOVERNMENT: Governments or public agencies engaged with communities in monitoring
DONOR: Donors funding community-based forest monitoring initiatives

This association represents the 800 Brazilian Ashaninka indigenous people who live in the Kampa do Rio Amônia Indigenous Territory, in the State of Acre, Brazil. This group has been widely...

Country of Activity: Brazil

Metareila was founded in 1988, and was the first indigenous organization  created  in Rondônia to defend indigenous rights.  It works to defend and preserve the cultural and territorial heritage...

Country of Activity: Brazil

The Organisation of the Juruá River Indigenous Peoples (OPIRJ) was founded in 1999. It operates in five municipalities in the state of Acre and involves 11 indigenous peoples.

Country of Activity: Brazil

SilvaCarbon is a flagship programme under the United States fast start financing for REDD+ and is a U.S. contribution to the Forest Carbon Tracking task of the intergovernmental Group on Earth...

Country of Activity: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, International