WWF Brazil

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WWF-Brazil is a Brazilian NGO dedicated to the conservation of nature. It has the objective of harmonising human activities with the protection of biodiversity and the wise use of natural resources, for the benefit of people today and in the future. It was created in 1996 and has its headquarters in Brasília.

Currently, WWF-Brazil runs dozens of projects in partnership with regional NGOs, universities and public bodies. It supports research, policy change, environmental education and communication. It works to ensure the success of many protected areas, by promoting the establishment of protected areas and supporting sustainable economic alternatives for resident communities. In Amazonia, WWF-Brazil works to add value to the skills and livelihoods of those who depend most on forest and rivers, with the goal that they will be able to conserve and use these resources in ways are sustainable over the long term. WWF-Brazil supports forest residents to be involved in the management and monitoring of key resources, such as the endangered arapaima fish. It also supports the development of national programmes to reduce carbon emissions resulting from deforestation.