WWF Colombia

WWF Colombia
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WWF Colombia aims for key ecosystems to be protected in harmony with the needs and desires of local communities and future generations. It intends to form strategic alliances, working with others to develop projects in which local communities take control of decisions and actions relating to conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources. In this way, greater understanding and protection for biodiversity, and climatic and ecosystem services, can lead to improved social wellbeing. 

WWF Colombia concentrates its work in two areas of Colombia - the Choco-Darien forests along the Pacific coast, and the Amazon. It is also active in the northern Andes, where it helps people adapt to climate change. WWF Colombia seeks to reduce deforestation by promoting a compensation scheme that will make conserving forests more economically attractive.

With the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), it helps the Awa indigenous community and other groups manage their forests on the border with Ecuador. It also helps local organisations and communities negotiate their rights to natural resources and to manage them effectively, aiming to safeguard the livelihoods of vulnerable groups, and to promote freedom and peaceful coexistence. To promote sustainable development, WWF Colombia works with companies to improve their environmental and social standards in producing commodities like palm oil, biofuels and paper. It is fighting illegal logging and promoting responsible forest management to produce timber and other forest products.