Who is involved in community-based monitoring around the world?

Who is involved in community-based monitoring of forests? Where are they working? And what are they doing?

This section gives an overview of the different actors working on community-based monitoring of forests. To make it easier to find and connect with particular actors, they are classified as:

COMMUNITY: Communities that are implementing forest monitoring initiatives
FACILITATOR: Institutions supporting communities to implement monitoring initiatives
GOVERNMENT: Governments or public agencies engaged with communities in monitoring
DONOR: Donors funding community-based forest monitoring initiatives

ARUPA is an Indonesian NGO that specialises in supporting community forestry, including community-based assessment and monitoring of carbon stocks in forests at  ...

Country of Activity: Indonesia

Conservation International's work focuses on science, policy, and partnership with businesses and communities. The organization has been working in Amazonia on an innovative satellite-based system...

Country of Activity: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar, Indonesia

Forests Monitor (FM) is an international NGO that works to increase transparency and accountability of the forestry sector in order to improve governance and management of the world’s forests. It...

Country of Activity: Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, International

The largest  forum of non-governmental and community-based organisations in Indonesia. WALHI works towards social transformation, people’s sovereignty, sustainability of life and livelihoods, and...

Country of Activity: Indonesia

A Danish, non-profit charity foundation created in 1990. The Nordisk Fond for Miljø og Udvikling, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, became a member of the University of the Arctic in 2012. Its...

Country of Activity: Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, International

Ruai TV, a station in the provincial capital of Pontianak, West Kalimantan. RuaiTV co-ordaintes citizien journalists within remote communities, who submit news and images through their mobile...

Country of Activity: Indonesia

Indonesia Country Programme Office of the international NGO.

Country of Activity: Indonesia